Where To Live Is a Critical Decision

You built your home for raising a family.  But your children have left home, leaving you with vast unused rooms.  And your friends have moved away too.  Young families with young children have now moved into your friend’s home.  Bottom line, your home and neighborhood may no longer be appropriate for just the two of you.  As you reflect your options consider the following:

Top Places to Live in the United States:

  • US News: Looks at the best 25 places to retire in the US: 25 Places to Retire
  • CNBC: The best US Cities for retirement, 2019:  Best Cities
  • New York Time: analyzed all 50 states and ranked ordered the best and the worst.  This was based upon 5 key factors; affordability being given the greatest weight: the Best and the Worst states  

Active Lifestyle Resort Community

These are amazing places to live in.  Kathy and I have lived in a Trilogy by Shea Homescommunity for 12 years.  This is not your father’s retirement community.  The Amenities at Trilogyare simply amazing.  Moreover, these amenities are infused with life through the Activities at Trilogy .This is Active Lifestyle by Trilogy.  Trilogy is special because their lifestyle is managed by BlueStar Resort and Golf In my opinion, they one of the best resort managers in the business and I’m not alone, here are some testimonials onBlue Star Team at Trilogy.  They set the table with hundreds of activities for every passion.  Sample what you like, no pressure.

Another great community is Twin Oaks in Hollister Ca.  ZC Consulting, an affiliate of Zoomercity.com, has had the pleasure to provide design and programming guidance for Twin Oaks.  You can check them out at: Twinoakshollister.com.  This is another active lifestyle community wherein the lifestyle is managed by the award-winning BlueStar Resort and Golf.

While  Trilogy by Shea Homes is one of your best options, they are not everywhere.  So, be sure to check out the leading website in Active Adult/Resort Communities; 55Places.com.  These people know the business; we worked together at Del Webb in the late Nineties. They have helped thousands of families find their perfect home!  Here is what they do at 55Places.com.

On the other hand, if you are interested in living the Active Lifestyle in the Greater Phoenix Area then you must speak with Andrew Johnson at Realty AZ Elite Group A&E Team.  He is a seasoned professional with years of experience serving the Active Lifestyle market.  Andrew  will find the perfect new-construction or pre-owned home for you.

Where to live is a critical decision.

Urban/Ex-Pat Living

There is a growing number of Zoomers migrating into the city as their children leave for college.  This is because there is a distinctive vibe downtown.  You are not likely to find these culinary and cultural opportunities  anywhere else.  Here is a sample of  High Rise Living.

Also, there are many Boomers and Zoomers moving out of the country.  One reason is affordability.  A beach-front, or mountain-top property may now be within your budget  On the other hand, the downside may be the distance from family, the availability of infrastructure including transportation and access to medical facilities. But for the Boomer/Zoomer “chuck-it-all” wanderlust, this is an option to strongly consider. A popular destination for years and recognized by AARP as one of the best places to retire abroad is In Costa Rica.  

Here are worlds best places to consider retirement for $200,000 or less according to Moneywise.com:  retire for $200K

Where to live is a critical decision.