We have curated the tools you’ll need for a successful retirement 



Your retirement readiness begins here and we have curated the tools you’ll need for a successful retirement.  We are here to serve you, the Zoomer, as both guide and sherpa on this long, arduous, and sometimes treacherous journey into retirement and beyond.  Accordingly, we have curated the tools you’ll need for a successful retirement.

A Zoomer is the cohort just behind the Boomer; typically between the ages of 45 and 65.  The youngest Boomer recently turned 55 and is now (or will soon be) enjoying the fruits of retirement.  

However, the Zoomer has just come of age and now needs to prepare for retirement.  

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Most importantly, we have laid out what retirement looks like in the 21st century; one that is healthy and fulfilling.  We will help you prepare for that retirement.


This couple has made it! Your retirement readiness begins here. A silhouette, setting sun in distance, of husband and wife in loose embrace looking into each others eyes


Congratulations!  You have come a long way together: raising an amazing family, enjoying successful careers, and well thought of in your community. This was the result of preparation, hard work, and dedication.  

Now it is incumbent upon you to prepare for the next chapter of your life…


Quality Of Life is no Accident

There are 3 chapters in our life; welcome to your 3rd chapter

The first chapter is dedicated to developing our moral character and educating ourselves to become lifelong productive members of society.  

The second chapter  is about testing the strength of our moral character, plus a time for income and wealth accumulation.  

The third chapter builds upon the first two chapters; taking all that we have learned and accomplished but with a new focus.  A focus on what we want to do, not what we need to do!  

In other words, “Don’t Retire—Rewire”.  This is a time of immense…FREEDOM! 

Curating For You

Your retirement readiness begins here. Curating for you: Planning tools. A work surface with planning tools upon it

 Planning Tools

Luck has been defined as when opportunity meets preparation.  

Check out your…





Your retirement readiness begins here. Curating for you expert advice. A close up of professional gentleman reviewing charts and graphs on iPad

Expert Advice

We have served Boomers for over 20 years and we too recently turned the page to the Freedom Chapter of our life. 

Your retirement readiness begins here. Curating for you, Latest Trends. A gentleman reviewing tend data on iPad

Latest Trends

We use the latest social media tools to curate content that reflects the latest trends in leading a Healthy, and Enriching Lifestyle.

Healthy Lifestyle


Your retirement readiness begins here. Curating for you Dynamic Content. A image of laptop reflecting dynamic graphs

Dynamic Content

Our curating, in lieu of creating, content guarantees you the latest thought on the subject.



Your retirement readiness begins here. Testimonial from a MM Pretise photographed in front of their home smiling into the camera

MM Pretise

We had never considered the importance of developing a plan for my next chapter.  Somehow we just thought it would happen.  Now we feel much more in control and have the time to course correct.

Your retirement readiness begins here. Testimonial from MM Cassidy, photographed upon their couch both smiling to the camera.

MM Cassidy

I have been so driven to succeed in launching my business that I never really contemplated what came next.  I now have the answer to “what next”.  We are excited about taking this journey into this next phase of our lives.


About Us, a photograph of MM O'Brien seated with each other and smiling into the camera

About us, a photo of MM O'Brien hand-in-hand with setting sun in background

Hi, I’m Dan and this is my beautiful wife, Kathy.  We met in high school and married while in college.  Now, we have two wonderful children, and four of the best grandchildren on this planet.  I gained my financial acumen as a CPA for the world’s largest accounting firm.  Thereafter, I gained my managing and operating experience in manufacturing and later, homebuilding.  But my real passion was unleashed when I joined Del Webb in 1997 and began serving the Boomer.  


The idea of marketing to the Baby Boomer was, in 1997, in its infancy.  I read every book on this cohort and became a subject matter expert; writing papers, giving radio interviews, recording blogs, and lecturing industry leaders on the Boomer population.  Eight years later I joined the leading lifestyle resort provider, Trilogy by Shea Homes.  

Many of the Boomer cohort were not prepared for this chapter in their life.  That has been a travesty.  But there is still time for the next cohort, we call the Zoomer, to prepare themselves for the next chapter in their life; lived Well, Heathy and Happy.  

It is with that end in mind that we have curated the tools you’ll need for a successful retirement and navigate the waters to that land of “Happy Ever After”.  Your retirement readiness begins here.