Eating Well=Feeling Well

Live a More Healthy Life!

Never before in our history have we paid so much attention to what we eat.  Zoomers are seeking out quality wholesome food and see the value in paying more for it.  The middle isles, long the dominion of Boomers and the Silent Generation (preceded Boomers), are dying out.  Farm-to-table (minimizing the caloric mile) has become a key determinant in our dining-out experience.  

So what does healthy eating look like today; for it will surely change tomorrow:

  • Eliminate: sugar, refined flour, and polyunsaturated fats;
  • Reduce: salt, carbohydrates (which may include some fruits and vegetables), red meat and animal fat, grains (ancient grains are best), dairy (other than Greek-style yogurt and aged cheese) and fried cooking;
  • Increase: healthy fats from fruits and vegetables (avocados and olives), raw vegetables low in carbohydrates (especially green leafy vegetables),  fermented vegetables, and berries (especially wild blueberries).

Some really good resources include:

  • Medical Medium, Anthony William, demonstrates the critical role our diet has in our health, including preventing many diseases including cancer.  Here is A 101 Crash Course in implementing the concepts expounded by Anthony William.
  • Against All Grain, Danielle Walker, is a guide to eliminating grains from your diet; long attributed to IBD and Colitis but also to a general bloated and uncomfortable feeling for the rest of us.

Seek out the kind of places that will be supportive of your efforts to transform your health.  One such place that embraces this as one of their three key pillars is Trilogy by Shea Homes.  Few can compare to the program of Wellness at Trilogy.




The enormous benefits of strength/resistance training include: maintaining bone density, maintaining muscle tone, increasing your metabolism, losing weight, and improved body shape and contour. Start low and slow.  Increase resistance and extend your workouts to 20 minutes at least 3 times a week.  Learn more…Strength Training.


Heart disease is still the number one cause of death in America; cancer follows as number two and diabetes is number six.  You can cheat the Reaper with a dedicated Cardio program.  The benefits include: strengthening the heart muscle, lowering blood pressure, improving blood sugar regulation by lowering insulin levels thus lowering risk of diabetes and cancer, burns fat more effectively generating more fat-burning enzymes in the muscles, produces new blood vessels in the heart (improving collateral circulation), thins the blood, treats depression, improves sleep quality.  Start low and slow.  Gradually increase your pace and elapsed time; 20 minutes minimum.  You’ll want to get into the aerobic range to gain these benefits.  Learn more…Aerobic Exercise.


Most Zoomers don’t consider stretching an exercise.  That’s a mistake.  The benefits include: reducing back pain, improved posture, increased blood circulation which sharpens concentration, boosts energy, increases flexibility, and provides relief from stress. watch this… Benefits of Stretching.  Yoga is a daily full-body workout.  Beginning Yoga

Mindful Meditation

More Zoomers are turning to mindful meditation every day.  And why not?  The proven benefits include: physical changes in the brain reducing bad emotions like stress, depression, and anxiety, proven to help overcome bad habits, increases concentration and focus, proven to make you healthier and happier.  Watch this video: Benefits of Meditation.  Now watch this video: How to Meditate.