Commit Yourself to Lifelong Learning

When you are not pushing forward, you are slipping backward

There is a difference between studying mandatory curricula to advance your grade or improve your job prospects versus studying subjects that really captivate your curiosity.  In an ideal world, there would be no difference, but few have experienced the ideal world; until now.  There is no urgency, no rush to move through course material.  Take your time, savor and reflect.   You will experience immense satisfaction as you begin to explore and answer some of life’s greatest questions.

Examples include:

  • Study the Great works of literature and discover the messages they conveyed.
  • Study the Religions of the World, how and why they began, and where are they now?
  • Study philosophy at the feet of the worlds greatest philosophers.
  • Learn about the Rise and Fall of Great Civilizations around the World?
  • Learn about the Masters of the Arts throughout the ages.
  • Learn about the origins of music and the greatest composers and performers of all time.
  • Study fascinating subjects in Math and Science.
  • Learn a new Language.


Active Lifestyle Community & Community College

Active Lifestyle Communities also embrace the more contemplative activities such as Trilogy by Shea Homes center for higher learning.  For those not living in such a community, you will want to investigate programs being offered at your local Community College.  An example of such a program in our local area is:Maricopa Community College Lifelong Learning

Osher Foundation Lifelong Learning

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes, which receive funding through the Bernard Osher Foundation, provides non-credit, non-graded courses aimed at adults ages 50 and up. Its network includes 122 college and university programs across the country.  Read More… Education after 50  Here is a detailed listing of participating institutions for higher learning:Osher Lifelong Learning Institute


Independent Study

Not going to commit to class schedules?  No problem.  Independent study may be just the thing for you.  One of the best purveyors of video content across a myriad of topics is The Great Courses.  They offer over 1,000 courses that you can download or receive DVDs or both.  These courses are taught by leading professors/professionals throughout the world.