Travel Is The Zoomers’ Favorite Activity And Cruising Is The Most Popular Form of Travel 

Cruise ships are enormously affordable.  You can sail the world for less than the cost of room and board at a hotel in St Louis.  Our favorite is Princess Cruises, they serve all the popular ports of call, they have a tremendous service culture, the food is amazing, and the ship is meticulously maintained.  Most importantly, Princess does everything possible to ensure their passengers don’t catch a bug/germ from other passengers; that is not the case with all cruise lines.

If you like the idea of floating from destination to destination while being pampered, then Viking River Cruisesmay be the answer for you.  These ships are designed for travel on many of the great rivers in Europe and the World. Typically they travel at night and dock during the day.  The daily excursions or tours are usually included in the cost of the river cruise.

Another great resource is Virtuoso.  They have curated some of the best travel experiences whether land or sea from a wide range of top-notch providers.  This is a great way of avoiding getting duped by pretty pictures of hotels taken in 1955. They have a powerful website where you may select from hundreds of advisors based upon the kind and location of your next trip.  One of their advisors, The Roaming Boomers, are very popular among the Boomers and Zoomers.


Vacation Clubs

Timeshare interval ownership has become a favorite for those who enjoy traveling.  Our favorite is the Marriott Vacation Clubbecause it is based upon vacation destination points not direct ownership of specific real estate.  This means you have access to over 50 resorts, plus the resort offering of the Ritz-Carlton and the Starwood Group; both recently acquired by Marriott.   Consumer Reportscalculated that it can take 13 years to break even on a timeshare property, whereas I calculated that an investment in destination points can breakeven in 9 years.

Tour Companies

Many savvy travelers are returning to some of their favorite overseas cruise destinations for a much deeper organic experience.  It is wise to engage a seasoned tour operator for this kind of travel.  Thebest tour operators according to Travel and Leisure Magazinewill curate a unique once-in-a-lifetime experience for you.  If carving your way through the jungle is not your thing then consider Inspiratoand skip the crowded cliche hotels in favor of one of their luxury villas for you and a dozen of your friends in the South of France.

RV & Camping Experience

This really appeals to those who have traveled the world and now want to experience more of their own backyard.  This is also an affordable alternative to having a second home; taking to the road when the weather turns nasty back home. There are some real pros out there.  One couple has made a commitment to share their hard-learned lessons: A Streamin Life

Travel With a Purpose

You are, for the most part, a spectator when you travel the world.  If, however, you want full immersion into the culture, language, joys, and pain of those that live where you visit then Travel with a Purpose may be optimal for you.  The opportunities abound to build schools, or water distribution systems, to plant crops or landscape playgrounds.  Here is an example of A Mission Trip.