push the boundaries, explore the artist in you

So many of us had embarked on exploring our creative side in our youth.  But then life happened.  We married and raised a family.  We put our craft in the closet or under the bed.  But now is the time to rekindle the flame.   This is the Freedom Chapter of your life because the kids have moved out and you are now free to spend time on yourself.  Spend it wisely.   

There are places that facilitate these opportunities for us, including Exploration at Trilogy.

great works of art have been created after the age of 60

Too often we convince ourselves that we are too old to learn a new skill, or develop a native talent, or begin a huge undertaking that could take years to complete.  These are excuses.  Consider what has been widely acclaimed the best works in their respective career:

  • George Bernard Shaw finished the script for Heartbreak House at age 60 
  • JRR Tolkien published the first of his Lord the Rings Trilogy at age 62
  • Paul Cezanne finished A View of Chateau Noir at age 65.

So fear not, jump in and tackle that great American novel.  


now is the time to pick up where you left off…

  • Art: This field is expansive.  There are multiple mediums such as pencil and chalk, oil and acrylic paint, as well as watercolors.  The styles vary from impressionism, cubism, modern, pop, abstract, and absurdism.  Perhaps your desires take you to throw pots or sculpting.  Extremely popular is working with fine metals and creating unique pieces of jewelry.   If you don’t live in a Trilogy by Shea Homes, you can reach out to your local park district or community college for classes.
  • Music: For me, it is getting back with a garage band; finding our sound and writing music provides such a creative rush!  For you, it may be chamber music, or orchestral.  Choral groups are quite popular in a Community at Trilogybut if you don’t live there try your local church or craigslist.  I am taking lessons on writing music through The Great Courses.  
  • Writing/blogging: There are a lot of people that have a story to tell and would love to tell it.  Blogging is a great way to do it, and you can earn money doing it.  Be sure to look into Learn To Blog.   There are also a lot of people that have led extraordinary lives and want to chronicle those experiences, passing them on to future generations.  My dad did this, but as good as it was he would have benefited from the expert ghostwriting of Don Huntington.  Don has a way of turning the ordinary into extraordinary.  And his fees are very reasonable.
  • Photography: Regardless of your level of expertise collaborating with other like-minded individuals will certainly “up” your game.  This is one of the staple Activities at Trilogy, but if you don’t live there consider taking one of the several photography lessens through The Great Courses learning at the feet of several great National Geographic Photographers such as Joel Sartore.  Or look into activities at your local library or park district.
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george bernard shaw 60

JRR Tolkien    62

paul cezanne     65