Get Involved and Give Back

Getting involved in your community is fundamental to being a good citizen.  Share your talents, leadership, and energy in support of a common community goal.  You will be amazed at how good it makes you feel!

Here are just a few ideas…

DELHI, INDIA: Brazilian model and Rotary polio ambassador Isabelli Fontana immunizes children.

Community Charitable Organizations

There are some terrific organizations that do amazing community and world-wide charitable work.  Here are a few:


Volunteer at Hospitals and the Charities that Support Them

Hospitals have mastered developing and leveraging their volunteer force; some as many as 1,500 strong.  I have listed a local hospital in the Phoenix area, you’ll need to consider one in your area. 


Volunteer at School, Tutor, or Mentor

I’ve shown a local school district, you’ll want to search based upon volunteering at “your local district”.